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Since 1916, Adam Meyer Moving & Storage has been serving the residential moving and storage needs of the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

In 2009, to compliment our on-site storage business and to adapt to the growing demand for storage in the Lehigh Valley, we ventured into the Portable Storage business under the Mi-Box Franchise.  We couldn’t be happier!  Our customers love the ease and convenience of the storage units and they have distinct advantages over the other Pod type units.

There are tons of residential and commercial uses for these containers, not only for storage, but for moving as well.  We’ll touch on a few of the most popular uses below, but we developed a totally separate website to list all of the advantages, so you can also visit our Mi-Box website to learn more.


MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage offers the most advanced portable storage technology. Our Level Lift System protects your contents from damage. Our mobile storage containers are the most durable and longest lasting containers available. When you use MI-BOX mobile storage units for your home or business storage needs, you’ll experience many things that set us apart from other mobile and traditional storage options. Personalized service, locally owned, competitive prices, industry knowledge, and years of experience provide our customers with the best possible moving and storage experience. Experience The MI-BOX Advantage.



MI-BOX Moving can help make your next move be as stress-free as possible. We understand most people only move a few times in their life and it can be overwhelming. We help families everyday by offering convenient and cost effective solutions. From whole house moves to apartments, from staging your home to your move out day, MI-BOX can help.  Moving containers give you the flexibility and time to plan any move when it’s most convenient for you. We Deliver, You Pack, We Haul to your destination.


If you’re doing a home remodeling project and need to temporarily store some furniture and tables, or want to stage your home to sell faster, then MI-BOX has your home storage solutions. Mobile storage units are delivered right to your driveway. They can be kept at your home or we can pick up each storage container and bring it to our secure storage center, where you can access your home storage containers for free. All the conveniences of traditional self storage and more delivered right to your door

Home Staging

Home staging in this market can make your home sell faster and for more money.  An empty home looks cold and dreary. Even if you’re still living there while your home is on the market, it needs to look as appealing as possible. Using a professional home staging company can sell your home faster and for more money.

Flood/Fire/Restoration Storage

MI-BOX dealers have had the privilege of partnering with restoration companies around the United States and Canada. We understand the needs of such companies. Our fast response time, on-time deliveries and storage options make MI-BOX a perfect fit for restoration services.  When a disaster hits – whether it be a flood, fire, mold, or natural disaster – swift action needs to be taken to return a home to normal, or recover as much as possible. MI-BOX is ready to assist with your restoration needs.


Realtors Storage

Changing a “home” back into a “house” before it’s put on the market requires a great deal of storage.  Real Estate Agents can sell a house faster and for more money when it is clean and clutter free. Depersonalizing a home makes it easier for a potential buyer to imagine their own family living there.  Realtors have a simple solution with MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage. 

Painters/Flooring/Remodeling Storage

MI-BOX portable storage containers make any remodeling, painting, or construction job easier – for both the team doing the work and the person who owns the home.  By using MI-BOX portable storage containers, room by room, everything in the affected area can be completely removed from the home. If multiple rooms are being painted or worked on, furniture and belongings won’t need to be shuttled from room to room to stay out of the way.

Professional Business Storage

Customer files and business storage can pose a unique problem for professional offices such as medical offices, attorneys and accountants. Keeping them long-term may be required, but they take up a lot of space. Since many contents are confidential, security is of utmost importance. MI-BOX has secure moving and storage services for professional businesses of all kinds.  Office space is expensive and traditional storage options take up valuable time. Moving a business is challenging. MI-BOX has a secure storage center in Bethlehem and work with third party professional moving companies to save you time and give you the extra space your business needs.

Event Planners Storage

Event planning has many moving parts and pieces that must all come together. Timing is strategic, details are essential and planning is critical. MI-BOX mobile storage containers are the perfect solution for special events. MI-BOX is a local moving and storage company. You’ll always work with local professionals so details are not overlooked. With one point of contact, it’s easy to make any changes leading up to the big date.  MI-BOX is here to help with your next big event.  Special events like trade shows, fundraising events, launch parties, festivals, fairs and other other big events require storage. Let MI-BOX make your event even more successful.

Retail Business Storage

Retail floor space is for selling your products. So what do you do when you have a lot of inventory or overstock items?  Do you rent a storage unit at a facility some distance from your store and then have to figure out how to transport the items back and forth.  Instead of dealing with the difficulties associated with traditional self-storage options, rely on MI-BOX for your mobile storage needs. 

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