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History of Adam Meyer Moving and Storage

Adam Meyer Moving and Storage was established in 1916 by the original owner, Adam Meyer.   Mr. Meyer had a small operation located on 321 East Goepp Street in Bethlehem, PA. In 1953 Mr. Meyer retired and sold his operating authority and two trucks to Robert Pursell Sr.  “Bob”, as he was referred to, was no stranger to the moving or hauling industry. In the mid 1920’s his father and brothers started with a donkey and wagon hauling ashes and rubbish in the city of Bethlehem.   That business turned into Clyde K. Pursell Moving & Hauling located at 210 West Goepp Street.  Clyde Pursell passed away in 1941 and the business was then run by our grandmother, Margaret Pursell until 1962. Upon the Purchase of the moving company from Mr. Meyer, Robert had established himself a very successful trash hauling business in the city of Bethlehem.


Thru the years, Bob had established the finest Moving and Storage Company in the Lehigh Valley.  He started out as an agent for Dean Van Lines. In 1962, Adam Meyer became an agent with United Van Lines.  It is within this era that Adam Meyer Moving established its strong presence in moving and storage. The offices and trucks were now located at 245 West Goepp Street in Bethlehem. The storage warehouse was located at 210 Northampton Street on Bethlehem’s south side. Mr. Pursell purchased the moving companies of Tommy Smith and F.G. Lazarus 20th Century Storage Company. From a 2 truck operation he was now operating 14 pieces of equipment.  In 1988, we said goodbye to the south side of Bethlehem and built a 12,000 square ft. warehouse on the east side of the city.  The business was now large enough to his satisfaction yet small enough that he could still oversee the daily operations of his company.  Bob did not want to be the largest mover; he wanted to be the BEST.  He prided himself in his employees and the appearance of his trucks.


In 2001, at the age of 82 Bob turned the reigns over to his 2 sons, Robert Jr. and Rodney. At this point, with economy taking a down turn and the entire moving industry starting to change from what the moving industry was accustomed to, they were faced with making some tough decisions. After 40 years, the decision was made to leave our affiliation with United Van Lines and become an independent mover.  We also left our West Goepp Street location and consolidated our operations to our 12,000 square ft. facility. We started to focus more on local moving and limited our interstate hauling to a 450 mile radius.  We expanded into record and document storage. In 2009, a sister company, Pursell Storage Co. LLC. was started.  Pursell Storage Company ventured into Portable Storage under the MIBOX franchise.

We still have the same philosophy as our father, we don’t want to be the biggest, and we strive to be the best.

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Professional Movers with an Exciting History